Nutrition plays an important role in our health throughout our lifespan. Feeling overwhelmed by the nutrition information on social media, through families and friends? We are here to help and provide you with evidenced based nutrition information. Our goal is try to help you reach your nutrition goal and have good health. By looking at all aspects of your lifestyle, we provide nutrition recommendations that are personalized and realistic to your goals and plans for a stronger and healthier self.

*Note*  We recommend that you look into your extended health benefits.  Some plans will cover services provided by a Registered Dietitian.

75 Minute Initial Session – This initial session is to learn about your wellness background and understand your nutritional wants and needs.  We will go through your goals, detailed health information and perform an nutrition assessment. Our dietitian will provide you with personalized nutrition recommendations and meal plans to work on.

50 Minute Follow-Up Session – During the follow up appointment, the dietitian will review your meal history, progress, revise and suggest more nutrition recommendations.


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