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Hnin Oo, RMT | Registered Massage Therapist

Hnin Oo, RMT

The best thing about being an RMT is that I can have one on one time with my client and be a supporter in their wellness. I see myself as a partner in your health care. I believe in achieving visible results through consistent input. I am also working on becoming a healthier and happier me.

I graduated from a Registered Massage Therapy Program at Vancouver Career College in March 2020. Through the program, I had the privilege of working within the community at BC Women’s hospital at the evergreen ward, BC CrossFit game, Positive Living BC, and City Centre Care Society. I have a passion for helping individuals achieve their goals while empowering them to take on an active role throughout their rehabilitation journey through patient education. From a young age, I had a curiosity in understanding physiology of the human body and pain science.

I value teamwork and appreciate the opportunity to learn within the multidisciplinary team. I believe that all systems of the body work together and that there is no single cause behind pain or dysfunction. That is why I aim to go beyond treating the symptoms. I practice client-centered care approach which includes assessment, a customized treatment plan, and a self-care plan. Outside of work, I enjoy going for walks and I am looking to pursue sign language. I hope that by learning new languages and different forms of communications, I can offer more accessibility to diverse group of people. I look forward to meeting you!

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