About Lougheed Wellness Centre

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. Our integrative team at Lougheed Wellness Centre has an impressive combination of knowledge and experience. As specialists in their respected fields, our team offers an exceptional service at a competitive price. We also offer innovative treatments geared towards the sports and fitness community. Our client centered approach will assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals, whatever they might be. We offer a range of services and treatments, including: massage therapy, dietary planning, food allergy testing, hormone imbalance testing, IV vitamin therapy, B12 shots, PRP injections, prolotherapy, acupuncture and clinical counselling.


We are located within the Fitness 2000 Athletic Club (F2K) in Burnaby B.C. Just sign-in at the F2K reception desk and they will point you in our direction. If you have not been to F2K before, you are in for an adventure finding it! Located in the basement of the Lougheed Village complex, down the hallway of stucco and barrel covered walls, you will find your wellness destination. It’s definitely worth the search! Our services are open to everyone in the community. If you are not a member of F2K you will still have the option to stick around and use the F2K facilities after your appointment.
Being located within F2K has its perks. Besides relaxing in the hot tub or doing laps in the pool, F2K has other services and partnerships, including: physiotherapy, active rehab, and personal training. It’s your one stop shop for your health, wellness and fitness needs. What we lack in windows, we gain in friendliness!


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